Ask The Author: Brittany Shutts

We loved this story, “Babymaking,” in February and we love it now and also we love this interview with Brittany.

1. Why doesn’t anyone make an abortion pact?

Nobody would give you any presents.

2. What movie has people having sex on top of dead fish, other than Cabin Boy?

Forrest Gump,  Gone with the Wind (in which sex on top of dead fish is only implied), and The King’s Speech are the first movies that come to mind. I didn’t know about Cabin Boy. I’ll have to check that out.

3. Which R&B star will you name your child after?

R. Kelly. Whatever the R stands for, that’s the name I want to call my love child.

4. What music would you listen to in the process of making or faking making a baby?

“Downtown” by Petula Clark. On repeat.

5. Why is literature so fascinated by babies, dead or alive?

I suppose writers are fascinated by babies because everyone is fascinated by babies. They’re very stylish right now, just like Peter Pan collars and geometric prints. Or maybe writers were into babies before it was cool. I know I was.

6. Which fictional baby are you?

Baby Don Quixote.