Beautiful Nerve

The poems in Sheila Squillante’s debut collection, Beautiful Nerve, are meant to unsettle.

Dog Men

The coming-of-age stories in Alana Noël Voth’s DOG MEN cling to you like only the most personal and upsetting dreams can. They’re nightmares the way your first love was a “nightmare,” or the first time you got laid. They’re haunting, surreal, but deeply personal.

Blacken Me Blacken Me Growled

Cassandra Troyan’s Blacken Me Blacken Me, Growled is about failure. It’s about ecstasy. It’s about taking ecstasy and fucking. It’s rap and emo and sharks. It’s all the optimism and yearning of a Midwestern youth mixed with the pain of an intelligent and obsessive mind slowly realizing that language isn’t enough. That touching isn’t enough. That pain isn’t enough.
Beside Myself Cover

Beside Myself

A girl drinks river water that gives her good advice but a bad reputation. A young woman’s job at a make-up counter ends in disaster.  Car accidents and cornfields cause siblings to disappear while, up above, airplane banners advertise hair care products. Welcome to Beside Myself, Ashley Farmer’s debut collection of short stories.

Mother Ghost

A gay man comes out of the closet every day of his life. His mother is the first to know. She says he’ll be lonely, but he’ll never be alone. The men who take his time are taxidermist veterans and autopsy pathologists, deer hunters and bartenders, museum directors and curators of contemporary art.

I Am Holding Your Hand

Is there hope within even the darkest hearts? A woman has sex with her dead mother’s husband. A child sleeps in a makeshift nest. A sister betrays a sister. A woman takes on the persona of a dead prostitute.

The Map of the System of Human Knowledge

The Map of the System of Human Knowledge is a short encyclopedia, full of entries that waver between fiction and memoir, poetry and prose, realism and irrealism. Construction workers build Indiana’s first official mountain. The entrails of vacuum cleaners are examined for hints of a dark future.

Steal Me For Your Stories

Steal Me For Your Stories, the debut collection from New York author Robb Todd, pulls the reader in opposite directions, mixing the tender and vulnerable with the raw and sometimes raunchy, a hard and soft clip to the ears.