Wrought & Found


Original poems & found images


–by Mia Sara



Dream Girl Drops Dead


At what point does the grasp let go the reach
so that you trip and catch yourself clinging
to the coattails of a this spurious dream,
bloated lies that so outweigh the genuine
article, and flatten even the innocent longing
to be right as you are, just where you’re standing. Continue reading

Wrought & Found



Original poems & found images.

–by Mia Sara



Weekend at El Cap with Fifth Graders

–After Lowell


Here we watch the kids go mock wild;
my wits all run to seed, and scatter,
more itchy weeds for the cracked riverbed.
We all lose track of our child
in the cold, after dark, when it matters,
half-tanked at the fire pit, our heads

tight in the shrink-wrapped void of time.
My wits, in ashes, ashes. At El Cap.
I used to hold her in my lap,
this fierce and final child of mine. Continue reading