Sunday News

You only have a few hours left to buy Matt Bell’s Wolf Parts.


Go HERE to buy.

You only have a few hours left to enter this contest with a pretty sweet prize.

Corium Magazine launches tomorrow and it is going to be exceptional.

March Madness makes me crazy. I’m sick of having to watch the games or rather, I’m sick of spending time with an individual who insists on watching the games. I don’t understand all this talk of brackets. I smiled when Kansas lost.

Outside Writers Collective is auctioning some cool slipcases.

Today is Perfect Movie Sunday on Lifetime Movie Network. I’d really rather be watching that. Kirstie Alley’s new show debuts tonight. I’m sure the word “fat” will be involved.

An enterprising individual has developed a glyph to represent  sarcasm. That’s the product of a whole lot of free time, I think.

This website’s sole purpose is to dissect Julia Alison’s public persona. Fascinating.

GaGa Stigmata: Critical Writings and Art About Lady GaGa. Need I say more? Well, I will say THIS.

  • Thanks for the mention of the OW Press auction! And thanks for the reminder about Wolf Parts…just put in my order.

  • ga.