Ask the Author: Chris Tarry

In the April issue, read or listen to Chris Tarry’s Hole. We talk to him about fixing life problems, interpreting the system

1. What problem in your life would you like a multi-national team to fix?

Whoever the team is, I’d like them to have a very large sounding name. Preferably something that ends in “opolis” or that has the word “of” in it. Like Mutual Of Omaha or maybe something with my name in it, Chrisopolis might be nice. Then, if they could do something about the rents in New York that would be nice. I’d settle for a card with my name on it. Maybe a fancy logo that when someone looked at it they’d say, “I know those guys. Can’t go wrong with them. Yup, you’re in good hands, yessiree.”

2. Why did you choose a hole instead of some other gaping space?

I liked the word hole. Although some of my writer friends argued very passionately and with much shaking of fists, that a hole couldn’t exist in the sky. A hole, only in the ground? I think not. A hole is a hole is a hole.

3. What is your interpretation of the System?

I think I see the System as the Internet, or the Inkernet, or some kind of Nural Net. Something that would sound nice with Arnold Schwarzenegger using it in a sentence.

4. Which spells would you have memorized if you were a cleric?

The flying kind.

5. Are you fact or fiction?

I am in fact, both.