Dawn Potter the Frank Zappa of Poetry: A Review of How The Crimes Happen















  • Intense, wonderfully portrayed, Dawn is an inspiration to poets everywhere. Thank you, Prank, for this great review.

  • Sorry, Pank for my previous misnomer.

  • Luther MacNeal

    Thanks for the terrific review – Dawn Potter is the real thing, and I’m a big fan. But…Zappa? Frank was a smartass, a surrealist,and a technical show-off. I see Dawn more in the Randy Newman or Joni Mitchell camp – a bit more sweetness and earthiness, deceptive layers…
    I’m just saying.

  • Nicelle Davis

    I can see the Newman and Mitchell in Dawn’s work…but I like how her poems have “smartass” undertones to them. Dawn’s writing is always rich and rewarding to read. She is the real(Newman/Mitchell/Zappa/and many others)deal. 🙂

    Yippee, to good poets, poetry, and music.