Ask the Author: Adam Moorad

Adam Moorad makes another appearance in PANK with his story Wine of Youth. He talks with us about skin oracles, the actual taste of the wine of youth and more.

1. What does the wine of youth taste like? What is it made out of?

The way honey would if it were oozing from a corroded battery inside an old flashlight on a shelf in the basement somewhere in the tristate area.  Only god knows the ingredients and how to distilled it.

2. What are the benefits of being an oracle of dermatology?

Our skins are sinking and sagging little-by-little every second of every day towards the center of the earth.  It’s gravity more than dermatology.  All we can do is soap.

3. What secrets have you loved but did not want you to love them in public?

[Excerpt deleted].

4. How do you go about creating characters of the opposite sex and maintain their integrity?

Characters are spontaneously occurring creatures.  I’m not really concerned with their integrity as much as their unintended genesis.  They happen their own way.

5. How do you like opening your wine bottles?

With a sommelier knife.  A red one.  I like to flip the blade around like a switchblade, peal the label off, pour, gargle, swallow, choke, sneeze, and repeat.

6. What new hobby have you gained today?

Something else.   Someone else.  Whatever isn’t.