Ask The Author: Court Merrigan

In the September Issue is “The Cloud Factory” by Court Merrigan. Court answers our questions here.

1. Union or non-union labor – who would you want working in the cloud factory?

Non-union. Temp work only.  No benefits, no contracts.

2. Does “severance package” make a good name for a penis?

No, but it sounds like a pretty good premise for a splattercore story.   

3. How much money would you pack in your luggage?
I’d be way too chickenshit to pack any.  That’s why I’d get caught.

4. What would you use to get into some trouble?

Loose lips, undoubtably.  

5. How would you get rid of the body?

I’ve actually thought about this a lot.  The movies have the best methods.  The junkyard compactor at the junkyard in Pulp Fiction, or concrete soup like at the end of Rising Sun.  Best to avoid the wood chipper in Fargo.  

6. What made you write “The Cloud Factory”?

Low lifes in beater pickups from western Nebraska don’t get written about often enough, especially when they get to make off with the money.