[PANK]6 Cometh

This week, [PANK]6 begins showing up in bookstores and mailboxes all around our little blue globe. Watch out or order it here now. Look to the February 19 New York Times Style Magazine for a little [PANK]6 love, as if you didn’t already know it. And in case you still need some convincing:

Stick your tongue into Dan Alamia’s A Man’s Mouth wherein a very small nation find’s itself inexplicably lodged.

Peek through the keyhole of Thomas DeMary’s Butcher’s Block wherein time gerrymanders the demographics as suns set and skies burn.

Then submit to Kerrin McCadden’s How to Miss a Man wherein she teaches you how to be a graph, a grid, with numbers perfect and lines that never touch.

[PANK]6 also features new writing from the likes of Frank Hinton, Matthew Lippman, Christopher Newgent, Sherman Alexie, Helen Vitoria, Keith Taylor, Ocean Vuong, and Ashley Farmer, among many others, a 288-page calvacade of furiously spinning word dervishes, language contortionists, bearded poesy, and feats of amazing story. [PANK]6 is a litmag thick enough to slake a working man’s appetites, juicy enough to wet a working girl’s fantasies, weird enough to keep the both of them guessing, and just mean enough to sucker punch them both in their sweet spots when they ain’t looking.

Come get some.