Ask The Author: Sarah Henning

Sarah Henning had Four Stories in the March Issue.

1. Does breastfeeding really work in the bonding of a child to its mother?

From what I understand (not being a mother myself!), both bottle feeding and breastfeeding are good times to reinforce parent-child intimacy.  Though according to a study I read in the Public Library of Science Computational Biology, the act of breastfeeding affects maternal warmth toward the infant. The act of infant suckling causes the mother to release copious amounts of oxytocin, which enhances feelings of love and trust in her brain.

2. How can one burn a childhood on a pyre?

Oh, you know, with sticks and matches. Exhaustive emotional cleansing helps too.

3. How much of you do you put in your work?

It really depends. Sometimes my work is allusive, and sometimes it is a filter to my repressed inscape.

4. Have you actually seen urine colored china?

Yes, unfortunately.  There is some in my house right now.

5. What is your preferred illicit hotel brand?

Days Inn!  Not only do I like the mismatched unintentionally retro furniture, but there are hard boiled eggs included in the complimentary breakfast.  Their hot tubs are pretty shady too.

6. What have you lost that you are glad never to find again?

Some deliciously toxic beloveds, my religion, my virginity…