Ask The Author: Kenton K. Yee

Back in May there was Kenton K. Yee’s “Try My Shank.” 

1. How has working in the world of finance influenced your writing?

Two finance guys sit down next to a mysterious stranger at a bar. “Stocks had a bad year,” the first guy says. “My bonus was barely a million dollars.”

“Bonds were worst,” the second guy says. “Mine was only half a million.”

The mysterious stranger’s eyes widen. “I made five thousand dollars and it was my best year EVER,” she says.

“Congratulations!” the first guy says. “What publisher did you go with?”

2. Have you ever had a Bloody Mary made from your own blood?

No, I prefer to drink my blood straight.

3. Would you eat human flesh? If so, what part?

Contrary to popular belief, people don’t taste like chicken or pickles. Comedians taste funny. Literary types are bitter.

4. Where did “Try My Shank” come from?

I took an Internet match to a Manhattan fusion restaurant- they charge an arm and a leg. She said, “I don’t like raw fish.” I said, …

5. What have you decided about kids?

They take a long time to cook but are yummy with ketchup.

6. What would you replace a lost limb with?

I’m on my last leg, but, as long as I have fingers and an eyeball, I cling to the dream of a”best year ever.”