PANK Magazine Lives

Dear everyone,

We told you back in August that Roxane and I had decided perhaps a decade of publishing PANK Magazine had been enough, that we were ready to move on. Then, a few weeks ago, we dropped that maybe we’d be willing to sell PANK, hand it over to new hands, new blood. We were a little surprised to see so many line up to the challenge. And we are so very pleased to announce our little magazine has, indeed, been purchased, and will live on under new, energetic, competent, and very capable management. In the coming weeks, you’ll learn more about the new landlords. They’ll, in turn, let you know all about their plans and schemes for carrying on with what we started. I hope you’re as excited as Roxane and me to know this, that 2015 isn’t the last year for PANK Magazine, that more is in store just out of sight, just around the bend.

But more importantly, I write to tell you how immeasurably proud Roxane and I are of our work with PANK Magazine. We have such boundless gratitude for all the staff, interns, contributors, and for each and every writer and reader who labored alongside us over the last decade to make this strange and wonderful thing. Thank you so much to everyone who played even the smallest of roles in making our weird little world what it was and is and will become. It’s been such an immensely gratifying and humbling experience to work and write and edit and publish and read with you.

Please don’t be stop pushing into the edges of things. Please don’t stop being strange. Please, when we cross paths again, don’t be strangers.

As we’ve been known to say all along, no less true now than then…

PANK loves you.

Don’t  forget it.

–M. Bartley Seigel


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