7.01 / January 2012

At the Off-Ramp

They had too many drinks at the motel bar, which overlooked the freeway. She had never been there, but her ex seemed to know it. He asked for a specific room location at the back. They weren’t hungry, so they went to the room on liquor and peanuts. There were two thin towels on the plastic rack in the bathroom, and the shower stall was speckled with mold. He waited for her in the bed.

She slid in beside him, and he kissed her long and softly, brushing her lips with teasing passes.

“The bed has a vibrator,” he said. “It only costs a quarter.”

“Do we need that?”

“Mmm. Guess not.” He nuzzled her neck.

She mumbled something into his collarbone.

“What, baby?”

“Why did you start it?” she said as she stroked his hair.

“Start what?” He licked her ear.

Sheila MacAvoy grew up in New York City and obtained a Law Degree from St. John's University. Her work has appeared in The Iowa Review, Red Rock Review, Passager, Weber Studies, Eclectica, and many other journals and anthologies. Her prize winning story appeared in "All The King's Horses," an anthology of short fiction, published By FISH, a publisher in Durrus, County Cork, Ireland. She has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize.
7.01 / January 2012