4.09 / September 2009


Grab me by the back of my neck and slam me facedown on the desk, so my cheek is against the slick wood surface and the desk corner juts into my stomach.

Pull my skirt up roughly (because, really, doesn’t it have to be a skirt? It’d be hard to rape someone in jeans. Especially skinny jeans).

Pull your cock out-

But isn’t that awkward? Do you pull it out with one hand and hold me down with the other? Maybe you lean really hard against me so I can’t get away.

Then force your way in. This isn’t hot at all because I’m dry-dry. Like, sandpaper, sandbox, middle of the night thirsty-dry. I mean, back up dude. Give me a chance to get wet. Lick your fingers, rub my clit, and pinch my goddamn nipples. Breathe heavy on my neck. Bite the back of my shoulder.

Wrap your arms around me so I feel how small I am.

Then slam it in to the hilt. Pull me against you so my back arches. It’ll be better if you can make me yell. If I don’t yell, ram me again.

This is going to make you come too fast. Rape is always too fast. Over too quickly. Leave me leaned over the desk. Zip your pants and go. I’ll have to rub one off so it’ll be worth it. Then I’ll go home check my Facebook.

Brandi Wells is an MFA candidate at the University of Alabama and has fiction in McSweeney’s, Hobart, Monkey Bicycle, and Dzanc’s Best of Web. She blogs at http://brandiwells.blogspot.com/