11.1 / SPRING / SUMMER 2016


Ranger’s dad meets Rusty’s mom on the path in the park
where the beech tree flexes over the little iron bridge
it’s sunny, summer, sweet-grass time
much like the day Rusty’s mom’s great grandfather
bought at auction a sturdy girl who
properly punished and penetrated gave forth
a boy who lived to see a hope alive a mother dead
and his third daughter heading north for a mill
where, grinding fine she fed and fattened
the girl whose boy raised up Ranger’s dad
and nobody with two feet on the path in the park
that day imagines who is born reborn
and playing out what’s been paid out
when Rusty and Ranger sniff and growl
or who might be flapping, cawing in the tree
above them or buzzing ‘round the trash
or crying in that brand-new stroller
and who might be brought this time
to heel, good dog, good dog.


Lynn Hoffman was born in Brooklyn and lives in Philadelphia. Among his published books are Radiation Days- a comedy about cancer and Short Course in Beer, a very serious but tasty book about ales and lagers.