12.1 / SPRING / SUMMER 2017


Opened the big box / found the leftover human there / it’s a proud flesh, mama, it’s ugly life / mama found a new life / mother found a new tot / new toy / it shits in the yard / it doesn’t say sorry / it wasn’t told so / it’s a master plan / it got fuckin’ teeth, ok? / throw something in front of ‘em / they’ll scramble / she jiggles when she walks / she fiend / she ugly / kink kit / she’s a two bit book whore ain’t it fantastic / ain’t it jazz? / she is failure in form / got that comfy cheek red / blush / soft with the divets / pretty baby / not so pretty baby / you ain’t even real, bitch baby

here i am
in my not beautiful
here i am

i am the greatest in scent there ever is / i smile brilliantly at faces / i am put together in the flesh / i don’t sick much to / corner me / wouldn’t satisfy / and sing it, sweet sweetly / skip the dinner head straight for d-e-s-sert/ you’re hit cause them words punch                                                              you’re Kerouac
your dharma’s bummed
you read a book once

i’m sticky with the too much / you’re a little less a kid than i am.







Annie is a multimedia artist interested in the nonsensical intersection between the mappable and the abstract. Her aim is not to control a medium, but to create a disorienting space in which to discover and test its limits. More of her work can be found on her website: http://cargocollective.com/AnnieGrizzle