6.16 / December 2011

Mi Madre

Lisa Lim’s Mi Madre, is presented as a PDF to best preserve the artwork that accompanies each story. Please set your PDF reader to display a two-page view in order to experience the work as intended.

We also have audio for Lisa’s wonderful chapbook.

listen to Wonder Woman
listen to Power Plant Tryst
listen to The Seduction
listen to Wonton Noodle Soup Along the East River
listen to Raping Rose Gardens
listen to Fighting the Homeless for Holy Water
listen to The Flower Bath
listen to Saintito Mi Saintito
listen to The Botanica in the Bronx
listen to Miracle Bra for My Behind
listen to Coca Cola Love

Lisa Lim’s art and fiction have both appeared in Guernica Magazine, The Agriculture Reader, Kill Author, InDigest Magazine, and the Nashville Review. Find more of her storytelling at chineseladybug.carbonmade.com
6.16 / December 2011