9.12 / December 2014

Sound Poems


The institution guarantees a frumpy contravariant.
The institution outperforms a ventral superfluity.
The institution redeploys a clinging auditorium.
The institution saddles up a lucent dipsomaniac.
The institution disconcerts a padded metagenesis.
The institution undercooks a topless biopesticide.


Transparently branding the sectional protocols, load factors shift.
Bimodal reversions exhibit precipitance; area linkages favor restraint.
Are data scores focused? Have portals corrected? Will barrier impetus
qualify risk? If buyouts prove fluid, decentralized groupings put
end-to-end margins ahead of the game.


Need the institution break a law-abiding ponytail?
Need the institution drive a cookie-cutter basilisk?
Need the institution plow a numismatic epaulette?
Need the institution lard an opalescent singalong?
Need the institution slurp a pestilential laser trap?
Need the institution thaw a virtuoso function key?


Impact suspension has discounted turnover, boosting reserves.
Concretized matrices point to affiliates; issuance cycles recuperate
growth. With payables shorting and sureties peaking, which
countercurrents remediate gains? Globally, deficits optimize
analogues, sharpening markets and buffering funds.


The institution’s cogent rib cage lubricates the applesauce.
The institution’s teasing yarrow immolates the object code.
The institution’s viscid trooper fluoridates the eiderdown.
The institution’s frugal eyesight propagates the internship.
The institution’s woolen uprush acclimates the hectograph.
The institution’s anxious lobule desecrates the puppy love.

(from Rabelaisian Play Station)

Janis Butler Holm lives in Athens, Ohio, where she has served as Associate Editor for Wide Angle, the film journal. Her prose, poems, and performance pieces have appeared in small-press, national, and international magazines. Her plays have been produced in the U.S., Canada, and England.
9.12 / December 2014