6.03 / March 2011

The Village Called Hurty

Wolf, Open Your Eyes

He absolutely did it, but he can’t think why. He can’t even imagine what it would be like to kill all these innocent men. He imagines it would be something like going through a maze and, one by one, killing all the innocent men so you could live.

Witch, Open Your Eyes

When the blood flies in the face of the witch at her wedding, the groom cross-eyed and dumb from being empty, she turns and looks at the wolf, who has been sitting there the entire time. He has been good like the angels are good.

He groans in her dress. She falls away from him in widening circles at which he is the epicentre and she is so over it. She is done, like a roast chicken which he likes to eat very much.

Reset By Exposure

The problem is that the wolf is so empty. He must have a hollow leg where all the people go.

Do Nothing Light or Dark

Which is hard. The witch knows spells but won’t use them. It is more along the lines of witchy ethics to stand by and let a sexy romance boil off into nothing. The witch isn’t a bad person; it’s just that she’s experienced a lot of loss in her life, including her groom most recently, and it really is very difficult to love a wolf, who is a depressed person. It hurts her right in the hurty place.

Gain True Imaging

All he wants to do is crush and crush and crush her until she fits into the one lobe of his brain not reserved for evil shit.

Provide Information About Night Length

The witch knows, from her training, that these things sometimes last forever and are a part of a person. So she doesn’t want any part of that. She doesn’t know if she can be with someone who’s a wolf, but they could be friends and when the wolf is human, they can still hang out.

Ha Ha Ha

I still feel all of it. The holes in my arm where I sank my fangy teeth. The endless saltwater pockets of my face. The clacking of babies in my stinky skin.

Hunter, Open Your Eyes

And he is the only ready one. The mold is under his fingernails and he is dead.

Kristina Born is 23, 5'2'', 105 lbs. She lives in Vancouver and blogs at kristinaborn.blogspot.com.
6.03 / March 2011