7.12 / Queer Three

Three Poems

he gay

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my tum has bage in it – a seedy kind.
but it’s fine, my big slick cuz slobs all time:
pretz, peppy, sweet tat fries. no, teddy, you
can’t tag him, he’s my shined bargain find. true,
once chewed tushy takes on pooh. eww? ooh? well,
no b.b.g. gon’ stun holey less spells
swell in cuz’s dome. hallo? knock? any there?
yes, cuz’s sports bra is — his wearable care.
he kissy lick it. mommy say he gay –
he’ll aids. ok! can i sucky his cake?

sports bra fat

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teddy’s fallen in bed crack. is he dead?
i can’t reply: unc wants me to be fed.
teddy, teddy – bye! cuz hi. i like specs,
i like eyes. oh, warm chicky – this is heck
for mommy: she won’t shove in tum, she’ll soup.
but cuz will chicky: he’ll slurp till doo-doo.
why aunt let him stroke sports bra in mid feast?
ain’t it beast? mommy’s keyed: she spoons peas.
cuz no sucky cake if you’re sports bra fat.
these no mean, no bad. where’s yo baseball bat?

laser on

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cuz wants to tape sports bra ten till midnight.
it’s sore sight. teddy bear, are you all right
in crack? how’s your back? oh, it’s fine; that’s great.
do ya think i should taste cuz’s gatorade?
it may be straw, lem, or blue? i hope blue;
then it’ll morph cheek insides berry crude.
hmm, a dumpster mouth – home to zero blouse.
i want his rub in tum, but sport bra’s louse:
it steals eyes when eyes should laser on me.
there’s no suge in sport’s bra – no wee disease.

Seth Oelbaum earned a poetry MFA from the University Notre Dame in May 2012. He is the CEO of the literary corporation Bambi Muse. His publication credits include Red Lightbulbs and Rhino.
7.12 / Queer Three