Work: Surviving the Arts

Exploring issues of sustainability in the arts.

~by Scott Pinkmountain

On the Killing of Small, Adorable Animals


I was driving home the other evening around dusk. I was on a narrow dirt road in the middle of the desert. A cottontail rabbit darted into the road right in front of me and ran directly under my wheel. It happened so quickly I did not have time to step on the brakes. It was instantly a road-lump in my rearview mirror.

I didn’t even slow down, let alone stop and get out. Why? What was I going to do? Give it mouth-to-mouth resuscitation? Put a bullet through its head? Stand there and watch the blood beading on its soft fur?

I will feel horrible about this for the rest of my life, even as the number of small, adorable animals I crush will, undoubtedly, grow. Continue reading