Bizarre Love Triangle

Me,  You and the Music I’m Putting You Through

~by Sheila Squillante


Led Zeppelin IV

“Stairway to Heaven”
Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin IV
Atlantic Records, 1971

Suite: Stairway to Heaven, New Fairfield High School, 1984

You love Stairway to Heaven because of its slow, sumptuous melody. You love the lady who’s sure all that glitters is gold because you know her troubled optimism.  You love Stairway to Heaven because you know if you wait long enough—until the penultimate song at your high school mixer—the cool, smart boy you adore will finally consent to dance. He will lead you on to the gym floor in front of his cool, smart friends, wrap his thin, muscled forearms around your waist and lock his confident hands into the small of your back—a hard knot of promise for what could come later, at the boat launch, on Ball Pond, in the dark. Continue reading