12.2 / FALL/WINTER 2017




Elaine Vilar Madruga is an author, poet and playwright, and Founder and Coordinator of the Fantastic Literature Workshop Open Space (Espacio Abierto, 2009-2016). During 2017, the following titles are scheduled to be published: Salomé (novel), re-edition, Editorial la Pollera, Chile; Teatro para un Game Over (Theater for a Game Over), play compilation, Editorial Hypermedia, USA-Spain; Happy ever after (Short story), Editorial Hypermedia, USA-Spain; Raspute/Encrucijada (play), Ediciones Aldabón, Cuba; Las zapatillas rojas (The red slippers), version, Editorial Gente Nueva, Cuba. Her work has been translated into French, Portuguese, Italian, and English, and published in varied anthologies in Spain, England, Italy, Venezuela, Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico, United States, Chile, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Australia, Ecuador, El Salvador and Cuba.

Cindy Guanche-Gonzalez works as a Technical System Analyst at INTELEX Technologies and in her free time, she is a freelance translator of poetry, playwright and prose. She has translated for the International Multilingual Poetry Anthology Amaravati Poetic Prism 2017, India and is currently working on the play Obedience, by Elaine Vilar Madruga. She loves Shakespeare, Tolkien and Emily Dickinson, and she hopes, one day, to work in her own house of publishing.


12.2 / FALL/WINTER 2017