6.04 / April 2011

Four Poems

Current Maker

You are a Taser gun
& I congratulate you-
terribly shocking, yes,
& there are even ways
for you to be lethal-
& I take you seriously,
though never too much
& that’s due to mass-
misfire, get crushed.

Happy Ending

I know what you are
thinking.  The Chinese
government will release
its political prisoners.
I hope so too.  But
Tank Man is dead.
Did you think massage
parlors were funny?

Jeremy Allan Hawkins was born on Staten Island, NY, home of the Wu-Tang Clan. He has recent poems & criticism appearing in Tin House, Pleiades, & Zoland Poetry. He is the founding editor of 300 Reviews (http://300reviews.com). He currently lives & teaches in France.