5.10 / October 2010

An Ouroboros

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Together, n queer men can form an ouroboros.



More common in cities. A segmented circle of feedback: a circuit so excited it shorts, but no one is

shorted. Everyone desires the milk of his fellow man, and everyone shares his own. A model of

queer utopia not yet established.


Also known as the sixty-nine. Our numerals cooperate for the purpose of illustration: 69. A garden

variety of the greater case, but no less great. Exactly two: yang and yang, giving and taking, source

and sink, warmth receiving warmth, a pole in a round hole. And still, for unknown reasons, some

question the fit.


This has been dubbed the self-suck. The virtues of case n=2 reapply, to unify a man. The luster

connected to his lust, his shining self self-sufficient, Shaker-like. Aristotle’s God-like.


The ultimate configuration, death says. Not even a self can intrude on zero’s noself-sufficient


Note: The editor believes in the n=0 case that a snake has sold us oil labeled truth-milk. It may be oiled truth-milk, but labeling laws as they are, there’s no knowing.