5.06 / June 2010

How to do your makeup like a star

Would love to look like that for you. A stroke against my favor is that you deem me so inappropriate. Especially after drugs or sex my lips redden and puff. You can always tell from the lips and the empty saucer eyes in either case. If the cheeks are flushed then so much the better. A complimentary purplish bruise does not go unnoticed. Best places for one: the side of the neck, the line of the jaw, the rings of the wrists. Avoid the eyes if at all possible.

Usually after a night my hair knots and tangles and strands detach and leave me discovered. If there were DNA tests for this kind of thing, and there well may be later, then my prints are everywhere. This is because my hair knows that we will be forgotten. Extra tip: a moist wad of toilet paper works a treat on blood or dirt if not too caked. If you blink twice, pucker up and smack your lips, no one usually notices.