5.06 / June 2010

Do You Have a Place For Me?

Let’s make each other

Let’s take a weekend
to do it

Clear your schedule
we can stay up all night

I will collect your hair
with my mouth
Use the strands
to sew the slices
in my heart

We can try to fix
before we break

Blood on the floor

then on the pillows

There is a place
on the backs
of my hands
for you

We Will Be Casualties

Pat my face
with your
made of bees
I’ll stretch your insides

as far as my arm muscles
are able

as far as your voice
will let me

We can see a movie when it’s all over
Step Up 3-D or
Witches of Eastwick, the Return

everything swollen,

I’ll let you rest your hand on my thigh

You’ll let me touch the side of your foot with my shoe

We’ll put our phones on SILENT

like the rest of us

until the credits roll

then we’ll go home

which are different places

to rot and die in

We Just Sit Around

Janitor’s keys
in sandwich bags
sewn into
the space
beneath my
belly button
they jostle around
opening nothing

They never
want to
go anywhere.

They are the
most boring keys

At night
I press them
with thoughts of you
until there’s pain

You should try to
get those keys
maybe we could
go somewhere

It’s A Place Where I Read All My Books

Please be
fluent in me

I know you have
the advantage




There is a porn addiction.
There are windows where I want you
to see me,
how I want you
to see me.

I lick my fingers and smile
at the corners
of the bedroom
the backs of my

There is a complete silence
where my heart used to be.

xTx is a writer living in Southern California. She has been published in places like PANK, Hobart, Smokelong, Monkeybicycle, Storyglossia, >Kill Author and Wigleaf. Her new story collection, "Normally Special," is available from Tiny Hardcore Press.( http://www.tinyhardcorepress.com/) She says nothing at www.notimetosayit.com