Why Selling Points Matter and Other News

Short but sweet, the people at Salt Publishing give us 100 words of advice why selling points for books matter: Check it out at http://saltpublishing.com/blogs/index.php?itemid=670

There’s a new issue of decomP that looks excellent as always.

Keyhole is offering a free sample of their Handwrittne issue.

Alice Hoffman temporarily lost her mind on Twitter, then regained her sanity and deleted her Twitter account.

There’s a new issue of DIAGRAM.

There’s a new place online where women writers can hang out.

Umm, a blog-based reality show about writers? Lauren Becker, you are a visionary!

Nominations are open for the 2008 Best of the Net. If you have suggestions about which stories PANK should nominate, please let us know.

A conversation between Ben Brooks and Shane Jones.

A directory of book trade people on Twitter.

Should we all quit blogging?

A profile of the poet laureate.

Shaman Drum in Ann Arbor has closed. Support your independent bookstores when you can.

  • Ethel Rohan

    Tons of great stuff here, thanks.