News Bits

Our new editorial assistant Jeni has a new column that will start appearing on Tuesdays next week. You can check out this week’s column here.

John Scalzi on asking favors from established writers. He makes valid points and well-known writers do have to field a lot of requests but the rant still kind of bums me out.

A manifesto of sorts on independent publishing from Electric Literature Andy Hunter.

Congratulations to Adam Robinson and Publishing Genius Press for being named Best Press in Baltimore.

PANK 3 is reviewed at New Pages.

Oprah has anointed a new book for her book club, Say You’re One of Them by Uwem Akpan. Tin House editor Rob Spillman says it’s a bad choice.

What editors really think.

On the importance of a room of one’s own.

Check out Shudder Pageant from two PANK contributors, xTx and Mel Bosworth: Details at and

Best blogging practices for writers.

New Pages weighs in on editorial anonymity.

More on the Google Book project.

The 2009 MacArthur grant recipients have been announced.

  • it looks like the Tin House post was taken down… lame, i was intrigued!

    • I didn’t realize the TH post had been taken down. That’s a real shame. It was great.

  • yeah, i wanted to check out that tin house post too. that sucks.

    • It does suck. The post was well worth reading.

  • Thanks so much for the mention of my post on blogging practices; it’s an honor to be included in your round up. … The post on blogging has been popular, though I didn’t expect it! 🙂

    • Thanks for writing the post!