Kristina Born’s One Hour of Television

Molly Gaudry’s We Take Me Apart

JA Tyler’s Inconceivable Wilson

Also, we want to thank Joseph Young who donated our last giveaway’s copy of Easter Rabbit.

We’ll do a drawing. Leave a comment with your favorite hour of television, that is, your favorite show. Also indicate which book you’d like. Well draw randomly tomorrow at noon.

  • xtx

    My favorite hour was when Glee was on, but now it’s on hiatus, so now it has to be The Office/30 Rock hour. Can’t go wrong with either of these.

    If Lost was on, I’d say that. But it’s not.

  • Even though the final season hasn’t started yet, I’ve had a blast catching up on past seasons of Lost. So, I’m going to say Lost is my favorite hour of TV, even if it’s a re-run.

    And while we’re talking about TV, I have to make Kristina Born’s One Hour of Television my choice.

  • ashia

    My absolute favorite is LOST, and the new season premieres on my birthday, which I am interpreting as a personal present from the producers. The plan? To put my party dress on and pause the festivities for a delicious hour of t.v.. Well Hello Jack!

    And perhaps I can fill some of the time between now and then with We Take Me Apart…

  • Damn, I was going to say Glee or Lost, but I guess I’ll have to think of something else. I really enjoy Real World Road Rules Challenge in way that can’t really be explained. Maybe enjoy is the wrong word. It’s more like an unhealthy addiction that gives me simultaneous pleasure and pain.

    Molly Gaudry’s We Take Me Apart, please.

  • joe

    whenever the sci-fi channel plays ‘Quantum Leap.’

    Inconceivable Wilson, please. thanks!

  • I’m going to go ahead and say Sons of Anarchy, definitely the most underrated show on the air, really fantastic character development and storytelling. Check it out if you haven’t.

    Book? Kristina Born’s One Hour of Television

  • Until Lost resumes, my favorite hour is 11-12 weeknights, syndicated reruns of The Office and Seinfeld.

    Molly Gaudry!

  • Joseph

    I really like watching people give dirty looks to other people on “The Hills.”

    and would love a copy of One Hour Of Television

  • marshall

    My favorite TV is poker on ESPN.

  • Twin Peaks in reruns. Mr. Tyler’s book pretty please with sugar on it all the way to heaven!

  • ce.

    All of my favorites are suspended until January, so I’ll just have to say Heroes is my favorite hour, with a close second being Community/…(read/write/mill about the house while Parks and Rec is on)…/The Office.

    Molly’s We Take Me Apart, please, and preemptive thank you if I’m drawn.

  • Krista Borns’ One Hour of Television

    My favorite one hour of television is the hour of compiled unseen footage from LOST where the survivors find creative ways in which to wipe their asses.

  • top chef, naturally. though project runway is a close second. i am very sad — perhaps even distraught — that both are done for the season. receiving a copy of “one hour of television” might console me …

  • I gotta have me some Paula Deen.


    JA Tyler’s book might help my tv tastes.

  • drew kalbach

    favorite hour of television i guess is heroes, i have a weird sweet-spot for heroes, it rots my brain and i like it.

    i would like joseph young’s book please if i win. thank you.

  • I like No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain these days.

    Please put me in for Tyler’s Inconceivable Wilson

  • Favorite show at this very moment is IRON CHEF AMERICAN


    I’d be down for any of these books but Tyler is good I have to choose one.

    reruns: X-FILES

    • ooops forgot to list book

      how about
      the ja tyler

  • A. Dakin

    I can’t get enough of Law and Order SVU these days.

    …I think I’ll go for _We Take Me Apart_.

  • gotta be ‘mad men’
    want/need ‘one hr of tele’


  • Clayton

    It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

    Molly Gaudry’s We Take Me Apart

  • my favorite hour of television i’ve ever watched was when i had a horrible sinus infection in thailand and i couldn’t move off of my bed and the bbc sports channel played an entire hour of nothing but soccer goals. it made me forget about the sinus infection.

    molly gaudry.

  • Jay Steingold

    My favorite hour of television is The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack.

    I would like One Hour of Television.

  • Sabra Embury

    My favorite hour of television lately is Jersey Shore or True Blood.

    I would like Miss Born’s book, please.

  • Joining the Lost and Mad Men trains. I live in a house full of nonbelievers and always spend those hours saying “Shut up, I’m trying to watch this.”

    During this hiatus from both, I like watching the BBC version of Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares. It’s well done manga compared to the Sunday comic of the American version.

    Please put my entry in whichever pile has the smallest number of entries, as I’d love to read them all.

  • Brandi

    I like house. Grumpy ridiculous fucker.

    Kristina Born’s One Hour of Television

  • wow these are all great choices but my fave would be JA Tyler’s Inconceivable Wilson but I’d take any!

    Favorite hour of TV? LOST when it comes back on but right now I’d have to say watching Office and Community off the DVR that equals an hour 🙂

  • Rescue Me

    One Hour of Television


  • Molly

    My one hour of television would be 2 reruns of Full House: 1. The one where Michelle says, “The doggy ate my ous-cream.” and 2. The one where the grandfather, Papouli, dies.

    If I win, I would like Molly Gaudry’s We Take Me Apart. Thanks!

  • Always be a sucker for The Price is Right…

    We Take Me Apart…

  • mike

    Don’t own a TV. “Ladies and Gentlemen… Mr. Leonard Cohen” runs about 45 minutes, about what an hour of TV is sans commercials. It’s a great look at a young Cohen when he was still better known as a writer than a musician.

    Watch it for free here:

    And One of Hour Of Television, please (it’s only right given the nature of the contest).

  • How I Met Your Mother.


    We Take Me Apart

  • bl pawelek

    Am I really the first to say “Dexter” – best one hour of television.

    JAT please

  • mjm

    the wonder years

    & we take me apart.

    yes. oh yes.

  • Rob

    my favorite hour is when the defendant is all “golly gee”, and the long ago ghetto-life judge is playing it up for the courtroom.

    One Hour of Television, please.

  • Danny Barron

    Oh, I really like Desperate Housewives, syndicated on Lifetime. It’s a great way to kill unemployed afternoons.

    Inconceivable Wilson, please.

  • Stephen Schmunk

    Any episode of Hart to Hart, particularly the one in which their sandpaper-voiced butler Max, brilliantly played by Lionel Stander, wears drag.

    One Hour of Television, please.

  • Chirita

    Oh, hello, I’m a big fan of Heroes and I’d like to read Molly Gaudry.

  • I like Pank.

    • Hey, my clock says 11:26am.

    • We like you! Also, our server time is an hour off so yeah, it really was 11:26.

  • OK, I quit watching TV years ago but I used to like watching Seinfeld re-runs. I’d like to read We Take Me Apart.

  • Mark

    I enjoy Parks and Recreation and then the Office. I would like to read the Molly Gaudry book.

  • MoGa

    I will honor the thirteen copies of WTMA that have been requested, just because it’s the giving season. If PANK will send the addresses to my email, I will send the books out sometime early next week. All I ask in return is that these fine folks in some way help spread the word about the book (and, even that, of course, only if they enjoyed it).

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