Words Keep Marching In

The Spring/Summer 2010 issue of Alaska Quarterly Review is a special issue, guest-edited by Amy Hempel (Innovative Fiction: 21 Writers) and will feature the work of Joe Stracci. Full TOC here and ordering information here. This looks to be a fantastic reading experience.

Download JA Tyler’s Sometimes He Became a Coaster from Sniplits for a limited time only.

Kirsty Logan tells the tale of teenage nude modeling at The Rumpus.

At Everyday Genius, Jimmy Chen offers Potential Prologue.

Issue 8 of Eleven Eleven is now available and includes work from Daphne Gottlieb and J.P. Dancing Bear among many others.

Looking for Jezus? Jezus in the Backseat, Meg Pokrass, the amazing Night Train.

WTF PWM has released issue 2.1 where you will find words from xTx, Neil de la Flor, Eric Bennett and more.

At Fifty-Two Stories, Kyle Minor tells the Truth and All Its Ugly.

This week’s selection at Smokelong Quarterly was made by Barry Graham who chose David LaBounty’s A Shot of Whatever. Barry has a list as story as excellence at Everyday Genius where he is joined by Ben White.

Ricky Garni has a tiny poem at Deuce Coupe. It is adorable.

Ethel Rohan is more than Halfway Down the Stairs with her story More than Gone.

A poem from Lisa Lewis is featured online at The Missouri Review.

Writer’s Bloc continues to be a magazine to look out for. Issue 9 features Eric Beeny, Roland Goity,  and others.

Charles Dodd White continues to impress. This week at Necessary Fiction, Carrion.

  • ilovestringtheory

    Yes, I’d previously read Ben White’s piece before, and liked it. Also enjoyed the stories by Jimmy Chen and Eric Beeny. And Charles Dodd White’s piece is just stunning. Thanks for this, PANK.