Hello lovely winners…

Last week we held a silly little six-word story contest so people could benefit from the large stash of AWP magazines we hauled home. The following folks won:

Dan Burt “” Flynn”â„¢s severed head tells me things.
Xtx “” “Truth.” “Do you like me?” “Dare”¦”
Alyssa “” Cigarette in beer can, TV exploded.
ASC “” She was unconscious. He didn”â„¢t care.
Michael Rudin “” Ronald”â„¢s wallet bulged. Lactaids, not condoms.
Lauren “” Laryngitis first, blisters an unrelated treat.
Michael James “” Remember the grass, the constant EAS?
Jon “” There”â„¢s dead skin outside the doghouse.
Ben “” Home early, “missing socks” mystery solved.
Doug Paul Case “” He was something I could use.
Ravi “” He racked his brain. She broke.

If you recognize yourself, send an up-to-date mailing address to  awesome@pankmagazine.com, subject “six-word story winner” and we”â„¢ll send you your free magazine. Thanks for playing!

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