pankcover lores1. PANK 5 will assemble an army. PANK 5 will give birth to a dancing star. Poetry, prose and ecstatic otherness from  Deb  Olin Unferth, Lucas Southworth, Emily Kiernan, xTx, Sheldon Lee Compton, Kaitlin Dyer, S.J. Fowler, Marcus Wicker, Christopher Phelps, J.A. Tyler, Michelle Dove, Lindsey Drager, Jamie Iredell, Rob Roensch, Eugenia Tsutsumi, Tim Tomlinson, Brian Oliu, M.E. Griffith, Clark Knowles, Phil Estes, Laura McCullough, Lauren Foss Goodman, Neal Peters, Colleen O’ Connor, Nickolas Butler, Luca Dipierro, Matthew McBrearty, Chelsea Laine Wells, Donna Vitucci, Jim Daniels, Troy Urquhart, Jessica Berger, Ori Fienberg, Toshiya Kamei, Rion Scott, Mark Baumer, Jonathan Callahan, Josh Kleinberg, Melissa Broder, Traci O’ Connor, Nick Ripatrazone, Arlene Ang, Tasha Matsumoto, Gabriel Welsch, Mindy Hung, Mabel Yu, Kathleen Heil, Nancy Carol Moody, Eileen D. Escabar, Janey Smith, Andrea Kneeland, Emilie Lindemann, Kuzhali Manickavel, Teresa Milbrodt, Valerie Suffron, Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingdao, Amber Sparks, Lydia Ship, Rachel Yoder, Christina Frigo, Megan Falley, Alexis Orgera, Elizabeth Hildreth, P.F. Potvin, Elizabeth Hildreth, Brian Russell, A. Papatya Bucak, Todd McKie, Christina Murphy, Elizabeth Wade, Kyle Minor, Mark Neely, Ben Jahn, Andrew Farkas, Liana Jahan Imam, Lauren Becker and Lauren Wheeler. Pre-order yours today.

OURISLANDcover-lores2.  Matt Salesses’  Our Island of Epidemics is now available for order  here and they are going, going fast. These fourteen tiny tales recount the story of a community of island dwellers who catch their island’s strange and fleeting epidemics—memory loss, unrequited love, magic, extrasensitive hearing, talking to animals, dissociation—and the relationship that the people of the island have with their home, with each other and with the diseases. That is, until one man becomes immune.

“One of the great feats of fiction is to create a world where anything can happen. Matthew Salesses has done this with  Our Island of Epidemics and, in doing so, he has revealed the great difficulty of the human condition.”  —Michael Kimball, author of  Dear Everybody

Contract some Salesses live,  11/7 at Abe’s Bar in Providence, RI (Cousins Reading Series).

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