Rejection Response OTD, Unadultered

Dear Roxanne,

Thanks for your thoughtful response. I agree the work is one of my weaker efforts, but I had the idea that I might find a place for it if only I set my sites low enough.

Thanks again,


  • Before I even realized how insulting this was, I noticed the extra “n” and that “sights” is misspelled.

    • Right? It’s so hard to take venom seriously when it comes off a poisoned tongue. “Sites.”

  • xtx


  • I thought maybe “sites” was a pun?

    • everybody loves a punny insult

    • It was not a pun.

    • I thought this, too.

      Regardless, if I was a British detective, I would exclaim this as preposterous.

  • Shucks. I wanted to read the thoughtful response.

  • M. Bartley Seigel

    One for the collection, me thinks.

  • Wow, that is seriously amazing. Why would you?

  • Ocean Vuong

    That sad reality is that some writers do not realize that this attitude is so detrimental to their own progress, so futile.

    Their is a difference between a bold sense of pride and outright foolishness.

    • Ocean Vuong

      *There 🙂