Ask the Author: Libby Cudmore

Libby Cudmore finds a Personal Jesus in the March issue. She talks with us about continental breakfasts, the structure of her body and what Jesus listens to while he watches.

1. What would be served at the Continental breakfast at Hotel Jesus?

–Those little danishes that have the same soft, flakey consistancy as the finer toilet papers, and small boxes of cereal that open up and become the bowl.  Also, really high-end tea that you can stuff in your pocket.

2. What structure is your body like?

–That’s weirdly personal.

3. Why must literary characters normally not get what they want in a story? Is this a fine line between life and a Michael Bay film?

–Because Joe Jackson said “You can’t get what you want until you know what you want.”  A follow-up from Morrissey adds, “You just haven’t earned it yet, baby, but for once in my life, let me (let me) get what I want . . . Lord knows it would be the first time”

4. What would Jesus listen to while watching you?

–I imagine He would listen to the prayers of other people who have actual needs instead of stupid wants and complaints.

5. Is Lydia an in-between girl? Would the hotel be more of a purgatory than a hell as she purges her sins by indulging in them?

–I’m not really sure what your question even means.  I’ll say pancakes.

6. Why didn’t Lydia date an agnostic or a Satanist?

–Because she’s not real.