And Just Like That, An Unexpected Heat Came Over Us

The fall issue of Menacing Hedge features a story by Michelle Reale and three poems by Margaret Bashaar (1, 2, 3).

In the new issue of R.K.VR.Y., Anne Leigh Parrish and others.

Ryan Bradley’s chapbook, Mile Zero, is available from Maverick Duck Press.

Congratulations to Gabe Durham who is now editor of Dark Sky Magazine. He is joined by Christy Crutchfield as fiction editor.

Carrie Murphy will be food blogging for Hello Giggles in a column called Eat of the Moment!

Seven Incisions, by Garrett Socol, is included in the October issue of Underground Voices.

In Salamander, Jeremy Allan Hawkins and many others.

Nicholas Ripatrazone has a story at Used Furniture Review. He is followed by Barry Basden.

Over at Precipitate, you’ll find short fiction by JA Tyler and others.

Aubrey Hirsch is Miss October for American Short Fiction.

Smokelong Quarterly 33 features Katy Resch, Micah Dean Hicks, Joe Kapitan, Sara Lippmann, Mather Schneider, and Amber Sparks.

Robert Swartwood’s Phantom Energy is available for only $.99 on Amazon. I’ve read an earlier version of the chapbook and it’s well worth checking out–a fine collection of very short fiction.

J. Bradley has work in The Legendary, The New Verse News, Vinyl Poetry, Housefire, HOOT, and he wrote the introduction to the new issue of Kill Author.  In other news, all the words have been used up. You will have to recycle.

In Vinyl Volume 4, you’ll also find Caroline Crew.

Kill Author 15 is as excellent as you would expect. You’ll find Alec Bryan, Ashley Farmer, Alexis Pope, Caroline Crew, Eric Beeny, Keith Nathan Brown, MG Martin, KMA Sullivan, Peter Schwartz, Tania Hershman, Tess Patalano and others.

October elimae features Ryan Ridge, Matthew Vollmer, Joseph Goosey, Nicolle Elizabeth, Geordie de Boer, and much more.

At Everyday Genius, you’ll find Little Bears by Jennifer Pieroni. You will also get a little something from Barry Graham.

In Drunken Boat, Janis Butler Holm, James Valvis, and Rachel Levy.

In The Collagist podcast, you can listen to Jonathan Callahan read from Bob.

The fall issue of BLIP includes a story by Mark Budman.

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    I fricking love these compendia posts. They invariably point out things I hadn’t come across, and I’ll spend days exploring what’s listed. Thanks!