Darkly Devotions

Lyric prose meditations that play with elements from evangelical Christianity, Buddhism, yoga, reiki, Tarot and “weird voodoo shit.”

~by Cindy Clem


Opening exercise: Build-a-Ritual

Create for yourself a morning ritual. Use at least three elements from each list below in any combination or order that you like. At the end, say, “That was a ritual. By the power vested in me, I performed a ritual.”


Turn clockwise (and/or counterclockwise)
Open and close your eyes rapidly
Raise your arms to the ceiling
Tap your third eye
Pour something from one container into
Stir something
Write your initials in the air

Salt (or salt-free seasoning)
Paint swatches
Crystals or rocks
Beaded necklace
Flower petals
Eye of newt
Tail of cat Continue reading