How That Time Marks One For Death: Cassandra Troyan on Blacken Me Blacken Me, Growled



Cassandra Troyan’s Blacken Me Blacken Me, Growled dropped last week from Tiny Hardcore Press. Here she talks to PANK blog about the impulse behind what have been called “non-stop great, coruscating poems.”



Freshman year homeroom watching Channel One News, the story breaks in, cuts back to the scene as a second tower is hit.

I remember the day George W. Bush stole his second term. It was the only time I ever wanted to vote but I was too young, I missed the date by a month. When the results seeped in, the queers all sat in a corner of the lobby and we cried. We didn’t even care about Kerry or Democrats but we still wore the rainbow election buttons, as it seemed important to believe that not all of America hated us and wanted us dead or silent. Hoping life was possible in the face of irrevocable violence. We wanted to live but we had no choice.        Continue reading